Lake of Como


L' Albero delle noci

L' Albero delle noci 

A natural treasure, suspended between sky, mountains and lake.

Over the last decade, this family residence has become a harmonious bed and breakfast.


They have transformed this property into a little heaven, replacing the ruin house into an authentic house.


Free your senses, to make sense of every moment

Land, lake and sky blend together. Live in the moment, without any limitations, enjoy the view, and share our special place.

Come and stay at the B&B and share in our “folly”. There are two suites in the mansion with terrace and lake view.


We seek to maintain a warm, family atmosphere, so that you can completely relax in a quiet, secluded environment.

Come to unwind and be inspired

We invite you to savour every passing moment, unwind, move at your own pace, and go with the flow, weightlessly.

Allow yourself the privilege of taking your time.

Located at the scenic lake of Como

Over the millennia, this landscape, between the mountains and the lake, has taken shape.


The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns. Quiet alleys, stunning views, beaches, enchanting villas… this and much more is what you can expect when visiting Lake Como’s towns.